In-Stock Now Quality Made New England Sheds

10x16 7/12 Pitch A-Frame New England Shed LP Smartside

Stained in Custom Urethane Stain LP Smartside $6,059.99

Need Storage ? A place to store your yard decorations  and pool supplies? With 128 Square Feet, this Shed has many uses. Please contact us for more information. 

  • 10×16 7/12 Pitch A-Frame New England Shed Smartside Stained in Custom Stain
  • Garden Vents 2 
  • 12″ O.C. pressure treated floor joists
  • Diamond plate on door
  •  30 Year 3-Dimensional Asphalt Shingles in Black
  • Tar Paper on Roof
  • 5/8″ Plywood Floor 
  • 6′ Wide Double Shed Door
  • Aluminum Transom Windows in Doors
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Standard Features of Our New England Qualiity Sheds
Siding: 1/2” Smartside w/brown backer  Gable Overhang:3-1/2″    
Floor Joists:2×4 pressure treated 16” on center  Eave Overhang:4-1/2″    
Floor Sheeting:5/8″ plywood    Shingles: IKO (lifetime warranty)   
Wall Studs:2×4 studs 16” on center   Corners: 1×4 Miratec corners   
Rafters:2×4, 16” on center   Face Boards:1×6 Miratec    
Roof Sheeting:1/2 ” plywood   Vents: Garden in both gable ends  
Windows:(2) 18×36 or 24×36 with trim (buildings 10′ long or less have (1) w/ trim)      
Door Style:Double New England doors (standard is door all one color)       
Door Size:8′ wide sheds have 72″x4′ Double Doors; 10′ wide sheds have 72″x5′ Double Doors; 12′ and 14′ wide sheds have 72″x6′ Double Doors 
Garages:Garages come standard with 12” on center pressure treated joists, diamond plate on garage door threshold, and (1) 3′ entry door