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We are a small family company that works  with  experienced Amish craftsmen in order to provide your best choice of durable Amish made playsets. Made with premium grade southern yellow pine wood or premier vinyl clad sourced in the US. All our products are handcrafted by skilled Amish woodworkers. We take pride in products’ durability, safety, and longevity. They have been making these quality swing sets for over 30 years. Known and coveted for their woodworking expertise that have been passed on from generation to generation. Their woodwork and techniques are unparalleled, making playsets that last for many years to come. We follow US guidelines for public playground safety.

We designed our playsets with your children’s enjoyment in mind.  
We also consider your children’s imagination, making details and features we guarantee your family will love.

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We are a small family business in Bethlehem, PA working closely with our local Amish community for many years. We are committed to serving you. Our passion is creating custom designs that have not been created before to give you and your children something unique and special. We enjoy building a playset “Just for you!” 

“I know what is like to have an idea in my head and you search and search online and just can’t find the design of your dreams. You want the best for your kids and you want to make their play area as uncommon and special as they are. And you want to know that it will last and last. We are so blessed to work with a great team of talented builders and installers that have outstanding work ethic. ” – Christine (playset designer)



We are a small family business with a big passion for designing one-of-a-kind playsets for families and businesses, for every budget and every yard.

All of our Amish brands must meet our strict guidelines to provide you and your family with the best materials, the best workmanship, and the best choice of playset that you will love and make memories that last as long as our playsets do!

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We are committed to providing the Best Quality Amish Built Swing Sets at the Best price and provide the Best customer service.

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How to choose the Best Backyard Swing Set?

By Amish Made – Apr 26, 2019

As the warm weather approaches the kids will soon be getting out of school. You may think to yourself; what can I get for my kids that will keep them entertained, have fun-filled summer days, help them stay active, and help them use all that energy they have?

If you have enough space in your backyard, an outdoor playset is a great investment. This will become your child’s favorite space to play. At Amish Made, our swing sets have many features for hours of playtime. Our swing sets come in two main types of materials. We offer Southern Treated Pine Wood and Vinyl

We have also added a new type of swing set. Made of #1 Southern Treated Pine which is milled on all four sides, double-stained and double sealed mixed with the durability of solid vinyl with UV protection. For years of maintenance-free fun.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you go through all the different styles and variations to make a choice. Well here are a few things to take into consideration to make the process easy and fun.

Please read these helpful tips to ensure the safety and happiness of your children and to choose the right playset for your family

Ask yourself a few main questions: At what age will the kids be able to play with this? How much space does it need? How much room do we have in the yard? What is the price? How long will it last?

Safety should be a major concern when buying anything for kids. When it comes to swing sets you want to see that there are guard railings on raised platforms to prevent the kids from falling. Our railings are built tough to keep your child where you want them to be.

At Amish Made safety is our #1 Priority! We have taken the guess work out of finding the safest, most durable swing sets and have only added the companies the highest safety standards for our web site.

• Our swing chains are covered with a protective vinyl material to avoid pinching. Many of our play sets have solid vinyl wherever your child plays to avoid injury.
• Our Wooded play sets are milled and sealed to ensure there are no rough spots to cause splinters.
• We have a choice of canopy or vinyl roofs for sun protection.
• Our Vinyl play sets are made from the most durable vinyl on the market. Many of our vinyl units are installed in public places such as parks, day cares, and churches.
• We also offer the safest rubber mulch on the market that acts as a cushion prevent injury if they fall.

As much as you may want to have a lot for your kid to enjoy, you need to be able to accommodate this on your yard or wherever you intend to have it installed. Find out the dimensions of the unit and see if it will be possible to fit in the space you have. Always add a minimum of 3 feet on each side of your swing set to ensure your children will have enough room to play and swing.

In some cases, you may want to sacrifice a feature, for example, a slide or monkey bars so that you can have the unit fit into the space or choose a different swing set in a smaller size.

At Amish Made we are here to help accommodate you. We can make changes to many of our swingsets and customize it so you can get the most out of your space.

What do you think your child will enjoy? What they are old enough to engage in? There are many different features that are added to swing sets right from club houses to telescopes, steering wheels and even our return basketball game.

Naturally the more the features, the more it will increase your budget. You may need to consider if the added features are worth the expense or you can do without them. T would list features that are Must Haves and Like to Have.

You should also consider that your child is growing up. You may want to have features they will not outgrow too fast since our swing sets will last many years.

You should research the materials used before you buy a play set. In most cases, you will have to choose between wood and vinyl. Each of them will have their pros and cons and it comes down to what you prefer or consider best for your child.

Wood: If you want your backyard to have a more “natural look” feel then a wooden play set may be your best choice. The beauty of wooden swing sets has a natural look.

Wood has Amazing features that no other material could give you. Wood gives us the ability to stain, seal and carve to create our most realistic playsets yet. Our Kinzerbilt playsets and Hybrids have a Stain and Sealer has a 15-year warranty. You will get the look you want plus long-lasting durability.

All of our Amish companies that have wooden play sets use Southern Yellow Treated Pine only. The reason. It is a hard wood. It is the most durable wood for swing sets on the market today. Also, insects don’t like this type of wood. Which helps your play set stay beautiful for a long time.

Our Construction: Our Kinzerbilt playsets use #1 Southern Yellow Treated Pine which eliminates knots. We the mill the wood on all 4 sides, with rounded corners, (to reduce the chance of splinters) and for a nice smooth finish. We believe the strength of the structure starts with the part you hardly see and don’t think about. Our first level floors have 16″ on center (or less), ground contact treated 2×4 joist for a solid foundation for the structure. We use stainless steel bolts, washers, nuts, lag bolts, swing beam plates, swing hangers for a longer lasting product and to eliminate rust spots.

Repair:? It is easy to replace or repair if swing set breaks. Did you bump into it with your lawnmower? Did you have a bad snowstorm? We stand behind our product and we are happy to make repairs on your swingset. We can even just send you the supplies necessary to repair it yourself.

Maintenance: Many wooden swing sets on the market require frequent maintenance updates, some swing sets even need to be painted every year. Not our Stained and Sealed playsets and Hybrids. Depending on the location and the playset you may not need to re-stain your set for 15-20 years.

Vinyl: There are reasons that you want to buy a Vinyl Swing Set. We will provide some ideas to help you to make the best decision for your choice.

When purchasing a vinyl swing set, the price can be higher than a wooden swing set. And depending on where you shop, you may not get the strongest more durable swing set.

Our Vinyl Play sets are Very Sturdy. The reason? We take our strong and durable Southern Yellow Treated Pine and encase it with thick vinyl to withstand the outdoors. With a Vinyl Swing Set, you don’t have to maintain it frequently. And it’s very easy to clean. Power washing your set yearly should have it looking new again.

And just like the wooden swing set, if your vinyl swingset gets damaged, we will help you get the parts necessary to repair your swing set. No matter if it is covered under the warranty or not. We want to fix the damage as soon as possible so that you can go on and continue enjoying your swing set.

With both of our Vinyl and Wooden swingsets, you will get years and years of memories. All of our swingsets are durable enough to hold the weight of a full-grown adult. So, go ahead, play with your kids. We use vinyl with UV protection to prevent fading over time.

Many people have ordered swing sets based on what they look like already installed but they later find out it is not so easy to install them. At Amish creations we have trained professionals to do the install for you, so you don’t have to.

We appreciate you visiting our web site. For more information please feel free to give us a call at (484) 892-7544.

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