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Backyard 1055 Premium Pine Compact Swing Set
Backyard 1608 Premium Pine A-Frame Swing Set
Backyard 1609 Premium Pine A-Frame Compact Swing Set
Backyard 1116 Cozy Cabin Swingset
Was $6,209.99
On Sale Now! $5,999.99
Backyard 1118 Cabin Pergola Combination Pine Swing Set
Was $10,599.99
On Sale Now! $10,199.99
Backyard 205 Pergola Roof Swing Set
Combine Harvester Playset
Was $11,129.99
On Sale Now! $10,629.99
8x20 Pirate Ship
Was $11,249.99
Backyard 301 Double-Tower
Was $15,899.99
On Sale Now! $14,899.99
Backyard Exclusive Lemonade Stand
Was $11,499.99
On Sale Now! $10,899.99
Backyard 302 Limited Vinyl Swing Set
Just Built!
Backyard 1112 Cabin/ Clubhouse Swing Set
Was $6,699.99
New Glamping Tee-Pee 8x12
Was $8,299.99
On Sale Now! $7,849.99
Tug Boat 5100
Was $7,199.99
On Sale Now! $6,799.99
Backyard 239 with Climber Beam
Was $5,159.99
On Sale Now! $4,999.99
Exclusive Fire House
Starting at $14,999.99
Cozy Log Cabin Outdoor Playhouse
Was $8,499.99
On Sale Now! $8,199.99
4 Piece Train Set 900
$5,449.99 in Pine
On Sale Now! $5,199.99
Truck Cab
Was $3,599.99
On Sale Now! $3,299.99
Tanker Trailer
Was $2,899.99
Box Trailer
Was $3,499.99
On Sale Now! $3,299.99
Train Box Car
Was $1,249.99
On Sale Now! $1,149.99
Train Flat Car with Bulldozer
Was $1,699.99
On Sale Now! $1,549.99
Train Grain Car
Was $1,399.99
On Sale Now! $1,249.99

Installation is included in the cost of your Play Set. If we must bring your Play Set in Kit Form due to obstacles such as narrow gates or fences, additional fees may apply. Delivery is $5 per mile one way. Please call us today for your custom quote.

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Amish Made For You provides wood and vinyl playsets for outdoor family fun.

All our playsets are built by the Amish, and that means you get an artisanal playset made with excellent workmanship, using only locally sourced solid wood and the most environmentally-friendly vinyl. We have a wide variety of ready-made designs to choose from, or you can order one to be tailor-made to your specific needs. You can choose from any color, accent, feature, or size you require. You think it, we’ll create it. Our wooden and vinyl playsets stand the test of time. Our products feature the best structural strength, appearance, and durability in the market. We only use sustainably harvested and locally sourced wood and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) varnish that makes our playsets impenetrable to stains, scratches, and water. Our vinyl playsets are long-lasting and do not fade, stain, or splinter. It’s also the more affordable and maintenance-free option. Contact us and we’ll work with you to create a custom-made playset that meets your needs, your child’s imagination, and your yard’s size. Please know it will take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver your order, and we offer delivery and installation on the East Coast and Private Trucking anywhere in the United States. Let’s start building the playset of your dreams with Amish Made For You today!