1770 Sleeper Cab Outdoor Truck Playset

$5,699.99 BIG Savings! Dump Truck with Accessories shown Colorful Stain and Installation Included!

Good Constructive Fun! Your children will have a hours of entertainment playing on the Sleeper Cab!  Realistic Design So Many Things to do in a compact size for your Backyard. This will keep the kids busy all day long!


  • Overall Dimensions: 14’ long X 54’’ wide by mirror X 106’’ high by smoke stack, Area Needed 20′ x 10.5′
  • 2 Seats
  • 2 Steering Wheels
  • 3 Position Swing Beam
  • 2 Belt Swings
  • 1 Safety Glider
  • Full Color Stain – Choice of Colors Included!
  • Vinyl in Yellow or you can choose Green, Burgundy Red or Blue
  • Interior Ladder 
  • Free Toys!
  • Installation Included!
  • Delivery $5 per Mile One Way
  • NEW! Optional Milk Truck or Box Trailer – Shown with Blue Cab (additional fees apply)