6 Piece Train Set 1000 with Curved Tracks

6 Piece Train Set 1000 in Multi-Color or Natural Stain with Curved Tracks Amish Made Outdoor Playset

$7,699.99 in Pine Complete with Natural or Colorful Stain, Accessories and Installation Included!

Let your children imagine in this one-of-a-kind customizable 6 Piece Train! Set! Choo Choo! Let them take a trip in their imagination! Only happy endings here. Saves space and it looks Great! Made in the USA by Amish Craftsmen. Long lasting, built with premium materials.


  • Each Train Car is approx. 6’8″L x 4’6″W x 5’6″H
  • 9 Piece 26′ Long  x 43′ W x 64″ H with 8 Curved Tracks
  • 6 Piece 15′ Long – 39′ W x 64″ H with 5 Curved Tracks
  • 4 Piece 11′ Long – 29′ W x 64″ H with 3 Curved Tracks
  • Train Track in a C – curve shape
  • Multi-Color or Natural Stain – Choice of Colors Included!
  • Bell
  • Installation Included!
  • Delivery $5 per Mile One Way