Backyard 104 Double Slide Premium Vinyl Swing Set

Backyard 104 Premium Vinyl Double Slide Playset

$4,319.99 Lowest Price of the Season! Installation Included!

Our 104 Backyard Premium Vinyl Double Slide Playset is built to last. Slides Races Anyone? This swing set is built for fun year after year.  Features may be changed to create your own Custom Swing Set. Add a rockwall, or Spiral Slide, customize the way you want.  Accessories in  Burgundy Red  (as shown), Blue, Green and/ or Yellow slides and swings. Made in the USA by Amish Craftsmen. Manufacturer: Backyard Playstations


  • 5×5 Tower with 5′ Ladder
  • 5′ High Deck
  • 5×5 Poly Lumber Roof
  • 1-3 Position Swing Beam 
  • 2 Belt Swings  
  • 1-Trapeze Swing
  • 2-10′ Wave Slides
  • Installation Included
  • Free Toy! Binoculars or Telescope
  • Delivery $5 per Mile One Way
  • Tan or White Frame for the same price!