Backyard 1608 Premium Pine A-Frame Swing Set

Backyard 1608 Premium Pine A-Frame Swingset

Regular Price $5,399.99

We took our most popular Vinyl Design, and Built with Our Premium Grade Pine! Made with #1 or better Southern Yellow Treated Pine and Stainless Steel Hardware to last year after year. There is so much to do to keep your children busy and entertained. Choose the Stain Color you want with Vinyl Accessories in Gray (as shown), Green, Blue, Burgundy Red, and/ or Yellow slides and swings. Made in the USA by Amish Craftsmen. Manufacturer: Backyard Playstations. Dimensions: 25′ Left to Right 16′ Front to Back – Should have 31′ x 21′ min area for room to play.


  • 1-4×5 tower 

  • Poly-Lumber Roof

  • 1-3 Position Swing Beam

  • 2-Belt Swings

  • 1-Vinyl Safety Glider

  • 1-5’H  Entry ladder

  • 1-5’H Cargo Net

  • 1-5’H Rockwall

  • 1-10’ wave slide

  • Options: Swap out a Belt Swing for a Baby Bucket Swing or remove the 3-Position Single Beam and Add an Overhead Climber Beam

  • $5 per mile for Delivery