Backyard 303 Split-Level Tower Premium Vinyl Swing Set

NEW! Backyard 303 Split-Level Tower Premium Vinyl Swing Set

$15,209.99 It has EVERYTHING! Price Includes Installation

This is the perfect playset for your big family! So much fun, with so much to do, they will be outside all day. Two Rock Wall sizes, Three slides, a centrally located Climber Beam to save on space in your yard.

Overall Size: 35' Left to Right x 19' Front to Back
We recommend a space of 43' x 27' for room to play.
1-5'x15' Split Level Tower - One 5' and Two 7' Deck heights
3- 5'x5' Poly Roofs
1-10' Wave Slide
1-14' Avalanche Slide
1-7' Spiral Slide
1-7' Rock Wall
1-5' Rock Wall
4 Position Swing beam
Lemonade Stand with 3 Stools
4x4 Picnic Table
8' Space Saver Climber Beam in Center
3- Belt Swings
1-Hammock Swing
Free Toys!!! Ship's Wheel, Spotlight and Binoculars
Installation Included!
Delivery is $5 Per Mile One Way
Frame comes in White or Tan at no additional Charge