Large Realistic Pirate Ship Outdoor Playset D119

Large Realistic Pirate Ship Outdoor Playset D119

$14,339.99 New Lower Price! – Pirate Ship Only with Stain as shown, Cannons, Crows Nest and Sail Plus Installation Included!

$16,559.99 New Lower Price! – Complete with features above plus accessories: Turbo Tube Slide, Gang Plank and Wave Slide

Stain and Installation Included!

Ahoy Matey! Let your child’s imagination soar in this one-of-a-kind customizable Realistic Pirate Ship Playset! Built to last for years of Fun Memories! Made with Premium Southern Treated Yellow Pine sourced in the USA. Stainless Steel Hardware. Built by Amish woodworkers in the USA.


  • 23′ Long x 8.5′ Wide – 15½’ High at the Stern
  • With Wave & Tube Slide 29′ L x 16′ W (Swing Beam + 12′ Width)
  • Stern section size (when you go through the rear door) is 6′ Wide x 4′ Deep
  • Middle section (this is when you get off the gang plank is) 7′ Wide x 11′ Long
  • Top Rear Section (Steering wheel area) is 5.5′ Wide x 4′ Deep
  • At the front of the ship the TOP (The triangle section) it is 8′ Long x 5′ Wide
  • At the front of the ship the LOWER (triangle section) it is 6′ Long X 4′ Wide
  • Mast is 15′ Tall

Features/ Options:

  • Mast
  • Ships Wheel
  • Faux Decorative Cannons (non-working)
  • Optional Water Cannon
  • Crows Nest Faux (non-working)
  • Decorative Anchor
  • Gang Plank
  • Rock Wall
  • Entry Ladder
  • Interior Step Ladders
  • 10′ Wave Slide
  • Turbo Tube Slide or Spiral Slide
  • Optional Swing Beam 
  • Free Toys!
  • Shown in Natural Gray and Honey Stain
  • Your Choice of Stain and Water Sealer Included!
  • Installation Included!
  • Delivery $5 per Mile One Way