Pirate Ship 5000 Outdoor Treated Pine Playset

$5,249.99 Ship with Colorful Stain and Installation
$7,979.99 Complete with Colorful Stain, Accessories and Installation

Ahoy, Me Hearties! The completely redesigned pirate ship. With swooping curves and a cantilevered rear, this pirate ship stands out. There is, Lamont the pirate face, on three sides with a peephole –where his eye is, so you can watch for the bad guys without exposing yourself! You have the cannons on the side all lined up for a broad side blast. Then when the going gets tough you can escape down the 6’ Avalanche Slide on the 30’’ high deck or if you are on the 5’ high deck you can use the 10’ Wave Slide to make your Great Escape. You also have the gang plank for loading supplies and pirates. In through the back doorway, there is a small ground level deck in the backend (36’’x69’’), then you can climb up a shortladder to get access to the main 30’’ high deck (90’’ long by the point x 80’’ wide) and from there you can access the top deck/crow’s nest via a short ladder. There is also a ladder going from the ground tothe 5’ high deck. The top deck is 5’ high and is a spacious 72’’ long x 80’’ wide. On the 5’ deck you havethe captain’s wheel and the mast with a sail. Your little ones will be searching for pirate treasure for hours in this Newly Designed Pirate Ship Playset for your Backyard! Built to last for years of Fun Memories! Made with Premium Southern Treated Yellow Pine sourced in the USA. Stainless Steel Hardware. Built by Amish woodworkers in the USA.


  • Ship Only 14’ 9’’ long and 7’ 6’’ wide x 8’ 3’’ high (top of mast 14’ 6’’ high)
  • 24’ wide and 14’ deep with accessories shown

Features/ Options:

  • Ships Wheel
  • Gang Plank
  • Entry Ladder
  • 30″ High Deck
  • Mast and Sail – Sail can be customized
  • Pirate Design
  • Interior Steps
  • 6′ Avalanche Slide
  • Free Toys! Telescope and Spot Light
  • Shown in Rustic Brown Stain
  • Your Choice of Stain and Water Sealer Included!
  • Installation Included!
  • Delivery $5 per Mile One Way
  • Customizations: add different slides, add slide where 5’ ladder is, add swing beam and swings.