Why Amish Made for You Is the Best Place to Buy A Playset

Safety is our #1 Priority

Amish Made Playsets are designed with safety as our priority. We want our customers to have peace of mind that what they are investing in is as safe as possible. Every swing set is made with premium grade wolmanized smooth southern yellow pine and stainless-steel hardware, as well as coated chains so fingers don’t get pinched. All sourced here in the USA.

100% Premium Solid Wood

Big box chains and many swing set retailers use low-quality, thin lumber from abroad, Amish Made For You’s manufactures, Backyard Playstations as well as Kinzerbilt swing sets / playsets are made from the finest wood and vinyl materials available in the USA. Amish Made For You’s swing sets are built with responsibly sourced, environmentally safe treated, thick, premium lumber that comes from only certified mills and is sustainably harvested. Womanized southern yellow pine is resistant to insects and decay and are unlikely to warp or twist. Because our lumber is from sustainable forests, it is not only beneficial for families but the environment as well. For more information about our wood please click the link.

Quality Construction

Our swing sets are well-constructed and are even strong enough to support adults. Your well play set will last for years outdoors and hold a special place in your kid’s memories for life. Our standard swing beams are constructed of solid lumber. Built for years of sturdy, safe play.

Premium Slides

Or slides stand out from other manufacturers. We source our slides locally in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They are the best choice with thicker walls and a sturdier base. Our slides are rotomolded with stainless steel hardware. They are sure to last years longer than our competition. Your kids will have fun memories and you will feel good knowing the safety measurements that go into our play sets.